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I’m a published author!

By August 10, 2017Updates

It was a long haul but I loved writing Elvis in London and now I’m published. Thanks to every one who supported me with love and encouragement to get to this moment. You all know who you are.

Elvis in London is about fame and celebrity, family and friends, and has a good pinch of music in it too.

Celebrity seeps into so much of society. It sells soap powder and smart cars and promotes potential presidents. It draws millions of viewers to challenge and talent and Strictly Come-style television shows.

The allure of celebrity and fame perplexes me and it made Elvis in London an entertaining and thought-provoking novel to write. The book gives an alternative take on the appeal and pitfalls of quick-fix fame.

The relationship between everyday people, the media and celebrity is constantly topical and Elvis in London has this at its heart.

Let me know your thoughts.


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