Elvis in London

When Eddie opens a live music club it’s the biggest thrill of his life.

He is living his dream. His days are full of music, he has a beautiful girlfriend, a great family and loyal friends.

Eddie moonlights on the side as an Elvis Presley impersonator. His scintillating performances are electric and he generates massive media interest. His shows are sell-outs and the accolades roll in thick and fast. Eddie is thrilling to watch and it is thrilling for Eddie to feel the power he commands over an audience.

As his club’s reputation grows, so does Eddie’s celebrity status. He is a household name and his fans revere him.

Eddie though has a secret and he is torn. The bigger his fame and ego grow the harder it is to keep his secret. For Eddie is the reincarnation of Elvis Presley. If he tells the truth will anyone believe him? Will the media and his fans still adore him? Would you?

Elvis In London

“This fast-paced novel will make you laugh, sing and question the cult of celebrity worship.”