Elvis in London

A story of rock & roll and reincarnation

In many ways Eddie is an average working-class Londoner. He’s into music, partying, and his motorbike. He is laid-back, charming, knows the streets of Soho inside out, and has a sensational secret.

He believes he is the reincarnation of Elvis Presley.

One bad decision and he loses everything and everyone he loves.

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Elvis In London

About the Author

Alice Beneyto grew up in a French and Spanish speaking home in England, in a house full of books and words; coming from the radio, the television, the newspapers, and the record player.

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The King of Showmanship

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Elvis Presley’s career high was the start of his Las Vegas era. This is the premise of Mike Connolly’s BBC Four television documentary Elvis: The Rebirth of the King, aired…

All roads and gods lead to Elvis Presley

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Billie Holiday

Billie and Elvis in London

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Last night I went to see Lady Day in London's Wyndham's Theatre. It's a ninety minute play about Billie Holiday, with multi award-winning Audra McDonald capturing the singer's spirit. Lady...
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